Khadesha Gordon

Name Khadesha Gordon What makes me ICONIC? I march to the beat of my own drum and mine hums a soulful, joyous sound. [...]

Kaleb Sy

Name Kaleb Sy What makes me ICONIC? They say looks can be deceiving but if my superhero costume is telling you that I’m [...]

Johanna Olvera

Name Johanna Olvera What makes me ICONIC? I’m a superhero that defies space and time. My superpowers allow me to travel through parallel [...]

Ashton Mayo-Beavers

Name Ashton Mayo-Beavers What makes me ICONIC? My superhero comes from a long lineage of superwomen. Their strength has been passed down to [...]

Chinaya Mason

Name Chinaya Mason What makes me ICONIC? I’m a superhero with telekinetic power and can also pierce deeply into the minds of others. [...]

Brandon Goggins

Name Brandon Goggins What makes me ICONIC? My superpower of positivity is represented by the star across my chest. I may not have [...]

Allie Garcia

Name Allie Garcia What makes me ICONIC? When I was born, I was given a name that means “defender of mankind” and that [...]

Kez Echols

Name Kez Echols What makes me ICONIC? My failures and my heartaches are where I find my most robust superpowers. In every challenge, [...]

William Collins

Name William Collins What makes me ICONIC? I’m a natural-born leader and when you meet me, you’ll have no doubt that I’m a [...]

Benjamin Concha

Name Benjamin Concha What makes me ICONIC? I’m a human calculator and that is my superpower. I can quickly assess and compute solutions [...]


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