Johanna Olvera

What makes me ICONIC?

I’m a superhero that defies space and time. My superpowers allow me to travel through parallel worlds at the same time. As a first-generation Mexican-American, I have refined and become highly skilled at this superpower. I proudly speak two languages and help my family translate cultural differences all the time. I draw my inspiration from my family and cultural heritage. My Mexico-themed wings carry me to any moment in time and allow me to fly to help others who are feeling down. The lightstick on my waistband is a magical instrument I can use to defeat evil and every instance of injustice I encounter.

Most of all, my superhero inspires others to view themselves as beautiful beings that will only grow if taken care of properly and with an abundance of love. What good are my powers if I’m not using them to achieve peace in this world? Times are challenging right now, but I believe in the superpower of love to bring peace to my community. Because after all, love might be the greatest superpower of all time.

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