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#InTheirVoices: Chinaya Mason

Watch Chinaya Mason, a student from Knoxville, TN, discuss how losing 5 classmates to gun violence since January 2021 has impacted her final months as a student at Austin East High School. She’ll use this experience to inform her [...]

The Trials of Critical Race Theory | CBS Reports

As America reckons with systemic racism, schools are responding by expanding diversity and inclusion efforts. But as the efforts have become fused with a decades-old legal concept known as critical race theory, some parents and conservative activists are fighting [...]

#InTheirVoices: Trey Cunningham

Watch Trey Cunningham, a student from Brownsville, share how his experience growing up in a majority Black, rural Tennessee town has shaped the questions he will ask at #InTheirVoices: Students Speak with Secretary Cardona. Watch the video [...]

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