Kez Echols

What makes me ICONIC?

My failures and my heartaches are where I find my most robust superpowers. In every challenge, there is an opportunity for growth — that’s why my superhero is as tough as they come. I’ve mastered control over my thoughts and can be and achieve anything I can conjure.

I always use my superpower for good and was recently recognized as a Top 20 Under 20 male leader of color in my community. With my superhero persona and in real life, although I am powerful, I honor the responsibility to use that power for good.

Right now, I’m using my superhero strength to conquer virtual learning, and one day at a time, I will rise to the challenge before me.

The Trials of Critical Race Theory | CBS Reports

As America reckons with systemic racism, schools are responding by expanding diversity and inclusion efforts. But as the efforts have become fused with a decades-old legal concept known as critical race theory, some parents and conservative activists are fighting [...]

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