Trey Cunningham

Name Trey Cunningham What makes me ICONIC? VoiceBox, AKA Trey Cunningham. VoiceBox was once a timid and quiet individual, but after witnessing the [...]

Ivy Enyenihi

Name Ivy Enyenihi What makes me ICONIC? Rising Wing, AKA Ivy Enyenihi. Growing up in a community where resources for education systems varied [...]

Ommay Farah

Name Ommay Farah What makes me ICONIC? Mind Warp, AKA Ommay Farah. Mind Warp was born with the power to warp reality, turning [...]

Carson Bock

Name Carson Bock What makes me ICONIC? UpLink, AKA Carson Bock. UpLink is a brilliant STEM student who struggled with her own mental [...]

Salwa Daouk

I applied to become a League Leader because I care deeply about issues that affect my community. I wanted to learn as much as possible about education inequality and what I can do to help as a current student that is living and operating under an educational institution.

Dereke Townsend

I applied to be a League Leader in large part because of this amazing space that I can help create. It connects higher education policy with those who are within education currently and creates an amazing conversation on various topics that I cannot wait to get into.

Alexa Maqueo-Toledo

I’m very proud of my Mexican heritage and roots. I wanted to pay tribute to those roots. Also, I’ve always loved the symbolism of fire and how it can be a savior, but also a destroyer. It just depends on how you use it.


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