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Resilience & Determination

What if students began to see themselves as superheroes who were already equipped with all of the strength and power they need to fix the problems they see in their schools and communities? What if we harnessed that collective power and equipped them with a few tools to be agents of change in their schools and communities? The concept is simple, the impact is huge. Meet our EmpowerED superheroes.


Do you have what it takes to be an Advisory League Leader?
Lipscomb University
Ruby Aguilar

My superhero persona draws inspiration from Black Widow, a powerful woman with biotechnology that makes her body resistant to aging and disease. Like her, my body is capable of regenerating and it heals lightning fast. I’m quick, agile, and have superhuman physical strength …

Brains & Brawn
Jackson State Community College
KaMya Burell

Not all superheroes wear capes– some wear lab coats and stethoscopes. My superhero persona fights to create a safer environment for African American women in the healthcare system. My forcefield makes me bulletproof and I have the ability to protect anyone that comes inside of it …

Compassionate Healer
Fisk University
William Collins

I’m a natural-born leader and when you meet me, you’ll have no doubt that I’m a superhero. My superpowers allow me to fly and it’s a gift bestowed on me since birth. I was destined to soar and I make my community proud at every turn. Following the footsteps of American hero …

On Key
Benjamin Concha

I’m a human calculator and that is my superpower. I can quickly assess and compute solutions no matter what problem gets thrown at me. With my superhero costume, I can engineer gadgets with my pincers and create solutions for anyone in need. I’m a friendly superhero and some underestimate …

Brain Power
Kez Echols

My failures and my heartaches are where I find my most robust superpowers. In every challenge, there is an opportunity for growth — that’s why my superhero is as tough as they come. I’ve mastered control over my thoughts and can be and achieve anything I can conjure …

Steadfast and Firm
Ommay Farah

You might take one look at me and see a typical over-achieving, smarty pants. You wouldn’t be too far off. Last year as a junior I took five AP classes and this year, I have a full plate again including AP calculus. The class will be virtual, so I’m a little nervous about how that will go but I have worked too hard …

Tough as Nails
Pellissippi State Community College
Matín Francisco Andrés

I have the endurance of a world-class athlete and the power to control and access 100% of my brainpower. I am in perfect condition to do whatever I set my mind to and I have big plans for myself – starting with being one of the first in my family to graduate from college …

Pushing the Limits
Cumberland University
Allie Garcia

When I was born, I was given a name that means “defender of mankind” and that is my true calling. I’m a defender of underrepresented populations and the bright beaming sun makes my superpowers come to life. My superpower is that I ward off sorrow and provide harmony. My radiant sunflower …

Gleam of Hope
University of Tennessee
Brandon Goggins

My superpower of positivity is represented by the star across my chest. I may not have all of the flashy powers other superheroes have, but instilling positivity in others is how I change the world. I have a personal brand and that is, Positive Mindset Only. I live by this affirmation and believe in it …

University of Tennessee
Khadesha Gordon

I march to the beat of my own drum and mine hums a soulful, joyous sound. The steady beat keeps me focused and shuts out all the noise. I make my own rules and bend time to my will. I’m like Shirley Chisholm, the first African American woman in Congress …

Fierce and Flexible
Chinaya Mason

I’m a superhero with telekinetic power and can also pierce deeply into the minds of others. My superpowers allow me to sense people’s surface thoughts, but I can also push back further to understand their subconscious and their memories. This power allows me to feel very deeply what others are feeling …

Kind and Wise
Mercer College
Ashton Mayo-Beavers

My superhero comes from a long lineage of superwomen. Their strength has been passed down to me and I proudly carry their wisdom and powers within me. Although they all have the ability to heal, my power is the ability to speak any language in order to better understand those in need …

Bold Leader
Christian Brothers University
Johanna Olvera

I’m a superhero that defies space and time. My superpowers allow me to travel through parallel worlds at the same time. As a first-generation Mexican-American, this is a power I have refined and am highly skilled at. I proudly speak two languages and help my family translate cultural differences all the time …

Kaleb Sy

They say looks can be deceiving but if my superhero costume is telling you that I’m a sharp, intelligent and strategic young Black man, then you’d be correct. I step into a room with my slick French-style tailored suit, perfectly knotted tie with the clip slightly above the first button and you think to yourself …


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