Njwi Achoh

Name Njwi Achoh What makes me ICONIC? Mystic, AKA Njwi Achoh, Mystic is a high school student who gained her powers during a [...]

Kaya Phillips

Name Kaya Phillips What makes me ICONIC? Hearing Heroine, AKA Kaya Phillips. In a world where sound reigns supreme, where barriers of silence [...]

Mark Schaffler

Name Mark Shaffler What makes me ICONIC? Visionary, AKA Mark Shaffler, Visionary's powers are rooted in his ability to sense things others cannot. [...]

Salina Shamsuddin

Name Salina Shamsuddin What makes me ICONIC? Echo Warrior, AKA Salina Shamsuddin, is a fierce and powerful superheroine whose ability to create a [...]

Malachi George

Name Malachi George What makes me ICONIC? Aquarius: AKA Malachi George, is a socially conscious high school student who wields hydrokinesis, the power [...]

Malik George

Name Malik George What makes me ICONIC?Melodious Panther, AKA Malik George, an exemplary high school student who possesses the extraordinary power to manipulate [...]

Blessyn Nkrumah

Name Blessyn Nkrumah What makes me ICONIC? Empath, AKA Blessyn Nkrumah, is a high school student with the unique ability to [...]

Jennifer Serrano

Name Jennifer Serrano What makes me ICONIC? Barbella, AKA Jennifer Serrano, the student superhero with incredible strength, a fierce determination, and a heart [...]


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