Kaleb Sy

What makes me ICONIC?

They say looks can be deceiving but if my superhero costume is telling you that I’m a sharp, intelligent and strategic young Black man, then you’d be correct. I step into a room with my slick French-style tailored suit, perfectly knotted tie with the clip slightly above the first button and you think to yourself, “Who is that?” Look closer. My watch curiously placed on my right wrist is a gadget capable of going back in time to change the way people have acted towards one another. There is so much pain in my city, but with my eye-piece I can see into the future and stop bad things before they occur. Look even closer. That tiny lapel pin says “Equity for All.” It’s all about the details for me and I wouldn’t be a true superhero if I didn’t see that in order to heal generational wounds, I must confront all issues of injustice, not just the ones that immediately impact me.

Yeah, you’ll remember me when I enter a room. Good thing too because it’s never too early to launch a political campaign and I am going to be a United States Senator someday. I have a nice head start in my political career. I serve on the Shelby County Youth Council where I work with the County Commission and the Mayor’s office in Memphis to learn about city governance and how to creatively address issues impacting my community. Put your faith in me, I’m going places and I’m unstoppable.

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