Chinaya Mason

What makes me ICONIC?

I’m a superhero with telekinetic power and can also pierce deeply into the minds of others. My superpowers allow me to sense people’s surface thoughts, but I can also push back further to understand their subconscious and their memories. This power allows me to feel very deeply what others are feeling and I also possess the power to provide healing for those that are suffering.

One day, I’m going to be a psychiatrist focused on supporting women. For now, I tap into my mind to bestow peace upon everyone I encounter. My braids whip around to spread all the healing and goodness people need to feel inner peace during their suffering. My braids glow blue and embrace those that suffer — providing healing and inner peace to all they touch.

I’m a superhero no doubt, but I’m also here to remind you that together, we can overcome everything that was meant to destroy us.

#InTheirVoices: Chinaya Mason

Watch Chinaya Mason, a student from Knoxville, TN, discuss how losing 5 classmates to gun violence since January 2021 has impacted her final months as a student at Austin East High School. She’ll use this experience to inform her [...]

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