Ivy Enyenihi

What makes me ICONIC?

Rising Wing, AKA Ivy Enyenihi. Growing up in a community where resources for education systems varied based on location, Rising Wing recognized the transformative power of education and was determined to make a difference. Early on, Rising Wing discovered the power of telepathy, which allowed her to connect with people on a deeper level and understand their thoughts and emotions. But as Rising Wing honed her abilities, she also discovered a unique bond with a shapeshifting eagle, who became her trusted companion and ally. Together, Rising Wing and the eagle worked tirelessly to advocate for better education and opportunities for all, using their powers of telepathy to connect with individuals and organizations to effect change. The eagle’s shapeshifting abilities were especially helpful, allowing Rising Wing to fly under the radar and gather information undetected. As a superhero, Rising Wing uses her telepathic abilities to connect with people and understand their needs, while the eagle on her back provides a symbol of freedom, strength, and vigilance. Their passion for education advocacy and resilience in the face of adversity make them a formidable ally for those in need. Along with VoiceBox, Rising Wing is a veteran League Leader serving in her second term.

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