Trey Cunningham

What makes me ICONIC?

VoiceBox, AKA Trey Cunningham. VoiceBox was once a timid and quiet individual, but after witnessing the injustices faced by marginalized communities in education, he developed the power to amplify his voice to speak up for the voiceless. With his superpower, VoiceBox has become a champion for social justice, using his voice to advocate for those who cannot speak up for themselves. He inspires others to do the same and brings attention to important causes in education that are often overlooked. VoiceBox bloomed out of a desire to right the wrongs of the education system. This superhero is dedicated to ensuring that all students, regardless of race or socio-economic status, have access to a quality education. He uses his superpower to level the playing field and give every student a fair chance at success. He is a veteran League Leader, with Rising Wing, currently in his second year fighting for justice.

#InTheirVoices: Trey Cunningham

Watch Trey Cunningham, a student from Brownsville, share how his experience growing up in a majority Black, rural Tennessee town has shaped the questions he will ask at #InTheirVoices: Students Speak with Secretary Cardona. Watch the video [...]

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