Carson Bock

What makes me ICONIC?

UpLink, AKA Carson Bock. UpLink is a brilliant STEM student who struggled with her own mental health. She found solace in technology, using it to track and manage her symptoms. With her expertise in technology and personal experience with mental health, UpLink developed the power of Technological Empathy – the ability to use advanced technology to detect, analyze, and respond to mental health issues in others. She used her superpower to help people struggling with mental health by developing innovative tools and technology that improve their lives. UpLink believes that technology has the power to revolutionize mental healthcare and she is committed to making that a reality. She also uses her superpower to develop innovative tools and technologies that make learning more engaging and effective while promoting mental wellness. UpLink is dedicated to using her powers to help students and educators alike to thrive in the classroom and beyond. She is a true hero of the modern age, using technology to make a positive impact on the world.

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