Alexa Maqueo Toledo

What makes me ICONIC?

Ember Blade, AKA Alexa Maqueo Toledo. Ember Blade was once an immigrant child who struggled between two cultures, one at home and one in school. As she grew older, she became passionate about advocating for education equity and inclusion for all, especially for marginalized communities like immigrants and minorities. She also honed her skills in sword fighting and fire manipulations, using them to protect and defend those who were unable to do so themselves. With her trusty sidekick, a small but fierce dog named Ash, Ember Blade soars through the skies, keeping a watchful eye on her community and ensuring that everyone has equal access to education and opportunities. She uses her powers of fire to light the way and her sword to cut through barriers and injustice. Ember Blade is a symbol of resilience, determination, and hope, and she strives to inspire others to believe in themselves and never give up.

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