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The Student-Affirming Education Needed for Our Children and Our Nation’s Future

Classrooms should always be places of discovery, of questioning, of gaining new perspectives. Students benefit the most when they learn about themselves and the world in a safe space with teachers who provide them with honest education and accurate history. As award-winning educators, we are aware that our accolades are tied to our ability to engage students in affirming learning environments. Download the PDF

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Students Reflect on Anti-LGBTQ Legislation in Tennessee

The Education Trust is a national education research, policy and advocacy organization, and we opened The Education Trust in Tennessee in January of 2020, centering student voices in their work from the beginning. Most notably, there are two primary student programs that are informed, convene, and advocate on pressing education issues. Read the resource

The Trials of Critical Race Theory | CBS Reports

As America reckons with systemic racism, schools are responding by expanding diversity and inclusion efforts. But as the efforts have become fused with a decades-old legal concept known as critical race theory, some parents and conservative activists are fighting back. A new episode of CBS Reports' Reverb series examines the backlash to so-called critical race theory in schools and the impact on students and teachers. Watch the video

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