Ruby Aguilar

What makes me ICONIC?

My superhero persona draws inspiration from Black Widow, a powerful woman with biotechnology that makes her body resistant to aging and disease. Like her, my body is capable of regenerating and it heals lightning fast. I’m quick, agile, and have superhuman physical strength. But that’s not all — I have a gifted intellect that gives me the power to process multiple information streams at once and react with precision.

My powers allow me to be a superhero to all those around me, especially my family. When my parents fell ill last year, I took on more significant responsibilities at home, keeping track of doctor appointments and medications in addition to taking on additional work to help support my family financially. I do all that while juggling a full load of college classes.

I’m studying to be a teacher and my superpowers also allow me to deeply understand my students, their stories, and all of the ways they need to be supported in order to thrive. You’d never know by my quiet exterior, but I’m made of steel. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I’m as strong as they come.

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