Kaya Phillips

What makes me ICONIC?

Hearing Heroine, AKA Kaya Phillips. In a world where sound reigns supreme, where barriers of silence threaten to drown dreams, one extraordinary woman rises above the noise. Hearing Heroine, a beacon of strength and resilience, draws her power from the depths of her deafness, transforming her into a superhero for the ages. In her journey from a young deaf girl to a fierce protector of those who can’t hear, Kaya embodies the very essence of audiological might. Bedazzled by her hearing aids, and adorned with vibrant glasses and loc charms, Kaya graces every endeavor with a kaleidoscope of color. Her vivacious personality breathes life into her mission, infusing joy and vitality into every moment. She possesses a remarkable gift—an ability to perceive the true potential within others, surpassing their disabilities or impairments. Guided by her boundless empathy and overflowing compassion, she ushers them toward their ultimate greatness.