Salina Shamsuddin

What makes me ICONIC?

Echo Warrior, AKA Salina Shamsuddin, is a fierce and powerful superheroine whose ability to create a powerful echo comes from her mermaid-like powers. She has a no-nonsense attitude that some may see as too much, but she knows that her attitude is one of her biggest strengths. She refuses to be pushed around or silenced, and her determination to speak up for herself and others makes her a formidable hero. In battle, Echo Warrior’s powerful voice can create a deafening echo that can disorient and incapacitate her enemies. Her fierce persona will make her an unstoppable force, and she fights with all her heart to protect the innocent and uphold justice. Echo Warrior is a hero who embodies strength, empowerment, and the power of the human voice. She inspires others to speak up for themselves and never be silenced, and her unwavering determination to fight for justice has made her a true force to be reckoned with.